2005 Haunts

As I hope you can imagine, these pictures cannot portray the psychological and narrative elements we were able to achieve during this haunted attraction. Maybe at some point I’ll upload some of the sound effects music I composed and arranged, and have it play on this page. And maybe I’ll even upload some of the scented oils we used to get that extra spooky effect, but that might be bad for your computer. Ha. Ha ha. Ha!
According to the hordes of people gathering outside each night in the parking lot to talk about what the hell they just went through, and people literally pissing their pants (even an adult, I heard), and a couple of us having to take our masks off on occasion to guide some poor kids who simply would not go any further, and people begging us to do it again next year, The Magalia Murders was a smash hit. Fun was had by all. There was not one negative complaint. Having been in the entertainment arena for as long as I remember, I thought this fact was odd, even unbalancing…not ONE complaint? Ok. Well, I’ll take that. Hehe. This, of course, is discounting the usual “overcompensatingly brave” teenagers who tend to try to crash haunted houses from time immemorial.
On behalf of Gary and Spike, I want to thank Sue, Candy, Cynthia, our actors/helpers from Paradise High, the folks who donated their props and labor, and all the others who helped in the cause. You know who you are.