2008 Haunts

This year I’ve done something a little different. Instead of directing another Doomtown as expected, I helped out my friends at the rather large-budget Haunt of the Living Dead in Mesa. Thanks Glenn Rae, Kyle, Matt, Scott, and all at that haunt.

Secondly, I guided a tour of Belleville, Illinois’s most haunted places. Thanks to Zia Nizami, Beck, Dave and Sandy at Lincoln Theater, Maureen Morris, and all who helped me organize this undertaking (sic) and research. Pics are below. I’d gotten a lot of support, and will be heading up a much larger touring event next year.

I also visited the #1 ranked haunted house in America, The Darkness, in St Louis/Soulard. Amazing, in terms of budget and sheer scope. Although I have mad respect for Larry Kirchner and his team, I wouldn’t rank it the best, as AOL and others have touted. There were a few actors who clearly weren’t into it; one actor had her normal-clad, bored boyfriend sitting on a chest in the middle of a room in full audience view. I chalk that up to lack of tight management on a slow night. But for the most part, the actors were great. And the props, Jesus. You’re gonna see a lot more real-looking candle LEDs in all haunts across the country soon.

They DID do something I’ve never seen before: a haunted garage/machine shop. THAT got me!

Lastly, on my last day on the trip, my sis and I had breakfast at St Louis’s very, very haunted and hauntingly beautiful Bevo Mill. Stunning building. Great (and cheap!) food, too.