2010 Haunts

In late October, 2010, I decided to visit friends in Montana. I (as Beetlejuice) even won “Scariest Costume” at the Hamilton Eagles Club.

I also did a lot of online research on some haunts in Helena and surrounding areas. Text and pics below. I gave a free, ad-hoc tour of some of the buildings in Helena. Neat stuff, as you’ll read about in the following text.

On the way to Helena, my good friend John List and I trapsed around the Garnet Mountains, his old stomping grounds as a gold miner in the 80s. We met up with his old world-traveling-miner buddy Rob Towner. After driving around windy, unmarked trails in the snow (yeah, snowing in Oct way up in them hills!), we finally found the ghost town of Garnet. Wonderfully preserved town. I’ll shoot something there one day. Perhaps part of the upcoming Montana Vigilantes movie? Stay tuned…

Lastly, I met with my sister Becky in Missoula, and we visited my friend John Magee at his old Victorian (historical register) house. A fellow haunter, he decks out his house each year, and we planned to have a commercial haunt there in 2011, but that didn’t pan out. But he, John List and I did find a nice little neighborhood haunted house put on by some kids for a charity.