2011 Haunts

Designed, constructed and began to sell Halloween Trees, with Phoenix artist and sculptor Larry Lopresti.
As far as I’d researched, this is the world’s first commercial indoor, full size, mass produced Halloween Tree.
The trick in design was to create something durable, could fit into a small box like an artificial Christmas
Tree (i.e. creating limbs and trunk pieces that would fit into each other to save box space), and to be
flame resistant. Larry and I were able to do this. Trees went on sale Oct, 2011. Alas, there are only
two trees remaining, and I doubt Larry would part with his prototype, and I ain’t ever givin’ up mine!
But I will be opening a workshop soon wherein I and a small team will be creating more trees with
more streamlined construction processes so as to drive the cost down. We hope to have a batch of these new
fiberglass trees available for Haunt season 2017.


“Demo advertisement” by Larry. Oh, and Larry, ya misspelled my name. By a lot. haha


Halloween Tree with lights and ornaments