2014 Haunts

“The Devil is in the Details”

I’d been preparing for my 2014 haunt when I saw in August that Rob Zombie was bringing his Great American Nightmare
haunt production to north Scottsdale.
I didn’t have to debate myself for more than a few seconds (“Hmmm.  Guaranteed pay to work on a Rob Zombie haunt as a
partner or even–if they didn’t know me–as an employee….Versus, I do another haunt in Arizona wherein I consume all cost,
debt, headache and possible loss?  Hmmm…”).
So, loooong story short, I accepted a paid position as an FX makeup person for Zombie’s gig. And worked it for several days…
and didn’t get paid for it.  It wasn’t Rob’s fault, but…well, I do have a 6-page well-documented chronicling I wrote up as a
cautionary (and legal) tale, if enough people request it.  My advisors and web-people advised I not post it here, so hit me up
if you’d been victim of certain haunt producers’ dealings–one shark (putting it nicely) in particular is one I’ve learned has
been cheating people all over the country for DECADES.
But at least I had fun, made lots of new friends and haunt/film associates and honed my SPFX makeup skills, in case I ever
can’t hire designated makeup persons for another haunt 😉
Post Scriptum: I was working so hard and fast on this super-high-volume haunt as an employee that I didn’t have time to even
HAVE the thought of taking pictures.  So I only snapped off a few, two of which are below.