2017 Haunts

This year’s haunt is in picturesque Livingston, Montana.  I also have, thanks to Kirstin Garber, my long-anticipated children’s book, Poof’s First Halloween, ready to publish. Ordering options coming soon.

This haunt–I cheekily titled UNLIVINGston–opened Oct 13 (Friday, of course….Kane would approve!), and the past two weekends of operation have been a success, proceeds of which go to a charity that addresses an issue close to my heart: Aspen Women’s Shelter.  Great to see quite a few friends of mine already attend. Can’t wait to see more of you over the next week! (Friends coming from out of state, I can accommodate you–contact me directly). This coming weekend, and Halloween night, should bring in voluminous numbers we’ll figure out how to handle, haha.

Below are some (I fully admit badly shot) BEHIND-THE-SCENES of creating this haunt.  As usual, the idea of shooting “behind-the-scenes” didn’t occur to me ’til I was in a rush. So, most of these pics are pretty blurry, shot only with my non-smartphone’s camera.  These are obviously just teaser pics, only covering a very small portion of this haunt’s total environs.  Much more (and better pics) to come–including live shots, credits to ALL who donated their time, expertise, props, audio gear, etc, as soon as I catch a breather.  ‘Til then, happy haunting, Nico.


Joella as The Butcher. REAL carcasses donated by Matt’s Meats.


Surgical experimentation. Not good.


Clowns to the left of me….


X-ray box. Real x-rays of yours truly’s lower back, I think.


Joe and some of our crew a week before opening night.


Cassandra carefully building one of our X-ray boxes.


“It wasn’t a rock, it was a ROCK MONSTER!…” 10 feet tall no less.


Jake constructing the maze.


Justin working on something–a cleaver, I think.


Hannah and John J building the butcher room.


Emporia Arcana. Nicely done by Kelly.