Dearest Hauntlings,

As many of you know, for decades I’ve devoted every bit of my life to four very different, very challenging
vocations, a tough mix that I was blessed enough to be able to intertwine.  But those concentrations
–and aging–have taken their toll

Alas, my fellow hauntlings, this year (2017) will be the last haunted attraction I actually produce and direct,
as I’ve developed some health problems, including being 3/4 blind starting last month. All the same, blind or not,
I will continue my writing, research, and love of all things Halloween. I simply have to start doing more things that
aren’t as physical, like consulting–as our favorite Haunted House Uncle, and a man I’m proud to call my friend,
Leonard Pickel, has been doing!  For sure, though, I’ll focus more on stories, history,  and all the other things I’ll
continue contributing to our favorite holiday.

This site WILL continue bringing you unique Halloween/haunt goodies.

As always, Happy Haunting!
Nico Holthaus

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